Different Types of Jobs within Insurance

Insurance is an important component of modern day life. This type of policy is used to provide compensation in the event of an accident, death or when damage occurs to property. Insurance is a billion dollar a year business since the majority of people are required to have some type of insurance. Since the insurance industry is such a large part of society hundreds of thousands of workers are employed in the different organizations that manage policies. The following information will outline some of the different careers that are available in insurance.


Many insurance workers are agents or people who are responsible for selling insurance policies to consumers. These individuals are responsible for creating policies which cover specific conditions such as health, vehicles or property. This position typically requires a high school diploma though some companies might require individuals to have a marketing degree in some business related field.


An underwriter is a crucial member of any insurance organization. Their job is to decide which types of things and people that their company should insure. They are also responsible for figuring out the financial value on items that they are willing to insure. Most companies require an underwriter applicant to have at least a high school diploma. However, many insurance companies are now requiring underwriters to have a college degree for this position.

Customer Service Representatives

Many insurance companies hire many customer service representatives or reps to speak with people about their claims. Customer service reps are typically on duty to help people when they need to discuss about the details of their claim. They handle all sorts of issues that might come up with a particular claim and they discuss a client’s policy so that they can know what is covered. Most customer service jobs for insurance companies do not require a high school diploma. Once again, a few companies might expect their employees to have this credential before they can be hired.

Claims Representative

A claims representative works directly with clients when they need to file a claim. They usually go out a person’s home, place of business or any other place to speak directly with a client about their policy. Most claim reps only need a high school diploma and many are required to have some type of former experience in this business.


Insurance companies have to know how much money they need to charge for their policies. This is a necessary part of the insurance business because it helps to keep an insurance company in the black. A bachelor degree in business is needed for this type of job and actuaries will also need to be certified.


Insurance regulators make sure that companies are not violating the law when it comes to issuing policies and paying out claims. Regulators are necessary for monitoring insurance companies because the industry is so large and complex that it would easy for an organization to commit fraud. Regulator jobs typically require a high school diploma but companies are now demanding that applicants have at least a bachelor’s degree before they can apply for this line of work.

Other jobs in the insurance field includes claims examiners, financial managers and appraisers. Each of these positions perform necessary functions within the insurance field. People can speak with the human relations office at a local insurance company to find out more information about the

Careers in Forklift Driving

Forklift careersA forklift driver is an essential employee in any warehouse or manufacturing setting. The work can be steady, constant and demanding. In addition, there can be a number of different roles that the forklift driver may assume. At the end of the shift it would be hard not to feel a real sense of accomplishment.

In manufacturing, the forklift driver must get the finished goods from the manufacturing floor to the loading dock where transfer trucks wait to carry the product to their destination.

In both manufacturing and in a warehouse, the forklift driver is largely responsible for loading and unloading transfer trucks. Loading can differ for the driver depending upon whether the truck is backed up to a loading dock or sitting outside on the asphalt. The forklift driver can normally drive right off of the dock and into the back of the truck to drop the pallet loads. However, if the truck is outside, the forklift driver must load one pallet at a time on the back end of the truck, and then push the pallets to the front of the truck. You can get more indepth info here: http://www.forkliftschooluk.com/forklift-training/

Unloading a transfer truck is the same. When there is no dock, the forklift driver must pull the pallets to the back of the truck and within reach of his forks with a clamp and a chain.

The forklift driver is also responsible for putting away the material received. In a warehouse, shelves are often positioned close to each other for space saving, and this means that the forklift driver must use a special forklift, a swing lift, when working in such tight quarters. Shelves are also often stacked very high, and the forklift driver must take great care to balance the load when swinging right or left and going up high to set down the load.

A career in forklift driving begins with a license test. The responsibilities and safety requirements are substantial. The candidate may receive written material to study beforehand, or be presented with a short movie detailing what is involved. There are a number of things for the forklift driver to consider, from pedestrian safety to tip-over hazards to weigh limitations; the forklift driver must keep all of these in mind and more as he or she performs the assigned work.

In order to qualify for a career in forklift driving, the candidate must normally be capable of lifting fifty to seventy-five pounds. This is because at times the forklift driver must function as an order picker and go to certain locations within the warehouse and pick-up items to put on a pallet.

In addition, the candidate must be prepared for any type of weather. Some jobs require order picking in a frozen food locker, for example. At the same time, conditions outside may be sizzling in the summer.

A career in forklift driving can take many turns during a shift, but one thing is certain: At the end of the day the forklift driver has accomplished much needed and necessary work.